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In researching for your new roof, you may have come across the terms “tear-off” and “re-roof” and been confused by the difference. The pros at Freedom Roofing & Construction, Inc. can use either method to install your new roof, and we possess the expertise to know when each is appropriate. We’ll help you consider all your options to find the one that is right for your home’s roof and your family’s budget.

Re-roofing Services

If you’ve been looking for a roofer that will give you straight answers and honest recommendations, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Re-Roofing?

Many homeowners assume that if their shingles are damaged or worn out, the only solution is a new roof. This is known as the “tear-off” method, in which the roof deck is stripped of all its components before a new roof is installed.

However, unless the sheathing is damaged or your roof structure can’t support the weight of another layer of roofing, we can apply a new layer of shingles right over the old one. If it’s done correctly, a re-roofing can look just as good and perform just as well as a new install. For roofs that are experiencing leaks or similar minor issues, re-roofing is often a good way to postpone a full roof replacement, which costs significantly more money.

Is Re-Roofing Right for Your Roof?

  • Affordable. You’ll save on materials, demolition, labor, disposal and recycling costs — in total, thousands of dollars.
  • Safer. A re-roof allows you to avoid the normal risks involved in a tear-off replacement: injury to workers, an exposed interior and damage to your driveway and landscaping.
  • The same great warranties. Manufacturers honor their warranties whether their shingles are used for a re-roof or a new roof.

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